Award Nominations

Writing a strong award nomination can make or break an application.  Whether it’s local, national or industry awards, LDH Consulting has experience writing winning applications for award nominations.  We know what judges are looking for and can help craft an application that will tout all your successes and highlights. 

Examples of Award winners:

Cause-Related Marketing

A strong sense of community can go a long way in winning customers and building a positive image.  Cause-related marketing is used to boost credibility, public relations and name awareness.  It involves a cooperative effort between “for profit” business and nonprofit organization for mutual benefit.  Clients of LDH Consulting have seen an increase in media coverage, name awareness and positive public perception by creating cause-related marketing partnerships. 

Internal & External Newsletters

Communication with stake holders, board members, customers and the media is imperative.  Newsletters are a relatively inexpensive and effective way to share good news about your company, feature cause-related marketing partnerships, new products and employees, success stories and more.  LDH Consulting has years of experience writing internal and external newsletters for businesses and nonprofits.  We can also recommend good e-newsletter tools to save time and money. 

Examples of Newsletter:

Media Relations

The ability to create concise releases and targeted pitches is an art.  Dealing with the media can be difficult, however it’s important to have a well defined and developed media relations strategy, especially when a crisis hits.  LDH Consulting has been placing stories in local, national and trade publications for years.  Let our experienced team handle your media relations and you’ll be able to rest easier.

Examples of Media Relations: 

Media Training

A reporter calls for an interview and immediately you go into a state of panic.  It’s a great opportunity, but it can also be detrimental if you aren’t prepared.  LDH Consulting can train your spokesperson and help develop key messages.  Knowing how to avoid media interview mistakes, learning to give reporters what they want and still position the company as you want takes practice.  Our team can hold individual or group media training sessions. 

Examples of Media Training:

Public Relations

We believe a strong public relations campaign can change the way people respond to a brand, person or idea.  LDH Consulting uses a variety of communications tools to reach the general public and influence their attitudes and opinions.  A good public relations strategy includes a combination of print, television, internet and social media networking. 

Examples of Public Relations

Marketing Materials

All marketing materials should have a consistent message, strategy and graphic elements. LDH Consulting has experience creating customized campaigns and key messages for small and large businesses.  We're able to create and execute everything from brochures to annual reports to advertising campaigns. 

Social Media Networking

Many companies aren’t utilizing social media networking at all or to its fullest potential.  Maybe you are one of them?  Are you afraid to get started? Don’t know how it works or which sites would be the best place for your business? LDH Consulting can help navigate the daunting task for you and keep you current on the latest trends.

Examples of Social Media Networking:

Website Copywriting

Are you searching for the right words to accurately describe your products and services? LDH Consulting has experience writing and working with graphic designers to ensure your web site copy is clear, concise, effective and meaningful. Let us help you navigate through the process and develop copy that is sure to reach your target audience.

Examples of Website Copywriting:

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